If you use GeoTxt API in your work, or wish to cite it, please cite the following publication:

Karimzadeh, Morteza, Scott Pezanowski, Alan M. MacEachren, and Jan Wallgrün. 2019.
GeoTxt: A Scalable GeoParsing System for Unstructured Text Geolocation. Transactions in GIS, first published online, 16 January 2019

Morteza Karimzadeh, Wenyi Huang, Siddhartha Banerjee, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Frank Hardisty, Scott Pezanowski,
Prasenjit Mitra, and Alan M. MacEachren. 2013. GeoTxt: a web API to leverage place references in text. In Proceedings of
the 7th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval (GIR '13) ACM, New York, NY, USA, 72-73.

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